My experience with Haiku in Virtual Machines (so far)

Hello, everyone in the Haiku OS community. I’m Jacob Davis, and this is my first time here.

I have heard of this project several years ago, and tried it out a few times, but never before on such a scale as this. Now, the latest nightly build is installed as of this morning in a VirtualBox VM, and I’ve kept a log on the VM detailing my events…more or less.

As of this writing, these are the specs of both my VM and my host machine.

Virtual Machine (at the time of this post):
Haiku Build 51428 with system kernel dated 9/16/2017
512 MB RAM
32 MB Video RAM
3D Video Acceleration
32 GB virtual hard drive
2 processors, I/O APIC, PAE/NX Enabled
Auich AC97 Soundcard
Intel PRO/1000 MT Network card set to NAT
Oracle VM VirtualBox is running the machine.

My Host Machine:
Toshiba Satellite C675D-S7109
AMD E-Series APU (dual-core,) 1.30 GHz, with Radeon Graphics
120GB internal hard drive
DVD/CD-R/RW drive
2 USB ports
Multi-card reader
Windows 10 x64

So far, aside from a few bugs, the setup is working.

I’ve got it similarly working in VirtualBox. Though under Linux, which makes the networking slightly flakey (need to run in Bridged mode rather than NAT), and have only 1 CPU for speed (much faster than 2, not intuitive!).

More details, including setting a custom video mode, at