Music Mood App


Does anyone know of a Mood categorisation app for Haiku? On my old mac I have Moody ( This adds a metadata field to the id3 tags of my music files. For each track there are four settings for calm to intense, and four settings for sad to happy.

This generates tags like the below:-

Wendys-MBP:Behind The Sun adamfowler$ id3info Halcyon.mp3

*** Tag information for Halcyon.mp3
=== GEOB (General encapsulated object): (RealJukebox:Metadata)[]: binary, 304 bytes
=== TIT2 (Title/songname/content description): Halcyon
=== TALB (Album/Movie/Show title): Behind The Sun
=== TPE1 (Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)): Chicane
=== COMM (Comments): ()[Ó1å]:
=== TYER (Year): 0
=== TRCK (Track number/Position in set): 0
=== TCON (Content type): Trance
=== COMM (Comments): (iTunNORM)[eng]:  00000493 000005C8 0000362F 00004344 0004E245 0000C395 00008000 00008000 0003A997 0000C395
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyC4
Wendys-MBP:Behind The Sun adamfowler$ id3info * |grep Moody
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyD3
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyD3
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyD4
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyC4
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyD4
=== COMM (Comments): ()[eng]: MoodyD4

I can use this in Smart Playlists, but I’m thinking about creating a Moody like app for helping with tagging. I was wondering if anyone already knew of one similar?

If not, if anyone has any suggestions for additional features, do let me know. The metadata in Moody really helps create playlists. E.g. ‘I want very intense music for a workout’ or ‘I’m in a moody, give me all my calm happy music’.


So, you’re not after an app that gets the mood-rating of a song from some online service, but just a means to assign a mood-rating manually?

If so, MediaPlayer already has a “Rating” attribute. Maybe a “Mood” could be added…
Or add that just to ArmyKnife to transfer id3 <-> attribute?
In any case, as fs attribute it’ll be easy to query and build playlists from the result.


The ratings are tagged manually. The Moody app makes that tagging easy. You listen to the track, and when you tag it, it plays the next untagged track. Takes a while but well worth it. Keyboard shortcuts make it quick.

Of course ideally you’d just do this within your preferred music playing app rather than a separate app like Moody, but Moody was created because iTunes never had this functionality. (A two way app protocol from media player to track tagging app might be another good candidate for standard BMessage app to app comms, as discussed for other uses elsewhere in Paladin/Pe/Koder).

I’d also like to pull over the iTunes ratings, last played, number of times played etc. I have the Library.xml file from iTunes. I’m thinking some sort of one off import tool here will work great. Similarly with playlists. Amazon music uses a similar mechanism to track which files originated from its service too. (id3 comments tag).

I’m not really a fan of storing these things in an id3 tag as that affects the file itself, so Haiku attributes strike me as a good way to go.