Multiuser support?

do you think that haiku will even implement multiuser support?

yes, multi-user will come to Haiku but I believe it is intended for R2. You will see it, either in R1 or R2. Here is a feature list of what will make it into R1 or R2.

I like the idea of keeping single user - but with a password required for admin functions or joining a domain.

The more I think about it, multiuser support seems really pointless.

In the situations where it really matters (schools, offices), the simple user accounts Windows offers are simply not enough anyway. You would need something like the Novell solutions that keep all user data and settings on a server. (Not that Haiku will be likely to be widespread in those environments very soon.)

What might BE important is some level of by-process access control, so the FTP-server don-t have the right to read/write outside it’s own folder, etc.

I would prefer that Haiku remain single user, it’s strength is its simplicity if you need multiuser support run windows. Please keep Haiku simple, fast and lean.

What is about a “multiuser light” for the first time?
I think for the most home users which sharing their pc for example with their girlfriend is it enough if there is a different home- folder which is selected from the OS when you type in your username at the startup.
And maybe this home directory is encrypted and the access is only possible if you type in your username and password at the startup.
This is my idea for “multiuser light” with no different file permission which I think that it can made much people happy at the first time until different file premission is implemented.