Multiuser in Haiku

Had a quick question: I saw Haiku has a multi-user option or flag in its build options, and had someone recently wondering about it and mentioned they could recompile Haiku with this switch on; my question is, how complete is multi-user on Haiku? I’ve never tried to compile a build of Haiku with this switch on so I honestly don’t know, thanks guys!

What flag are you referring to here?

There isn’t any condition code in the kernel here: multiuser mode is always turned on. sshd (for instance) always runs as its own user, as it does on other OSes, and you can add more users with the standard useradd commands, change passwds, and so on.

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I guess I was referring to this flag (although I’m not sure if it’s used at all, was or is just experimental, or has been deprecated):

--enable-multiuser Enable experimental multiuser support.

That flag hasn’t existed for years; I removed it in 2017 because it didn’t actually do anything.

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Ah that why I couldn’t find it anymore! I was wondering what the status of it was, thanks :smiley: