Multiple entries to a single attribute?

so, for Reasons, i need to be able to list multiple entries to a single attribute for a file (say, a working environment with many users sharing source files for a large number of different projects), and information online is kinda sparse as to how i might go about this or whether it’s even possible (is it?). it’s not absolutely necessary that this be a feasible undertaking, but it’d potentially save some people a lot of work (not to mention diskspace).

For fixed size attributes (numbers and so on), you can treat the attribute as an array. For string attributes, you’ll have to do something of your own. Possibly use a NUL byte to separate the strings?

About a decade ago I was working on AGMSRAMFileSystem, and that’s what I came up with for arrays of attribute values. It’s a relatively simple extension of attributes. My file system would support it for indexing too, so you could have keyword tags simply as an array of strings and the disk index would have an entry for each of those strings pointing back at that file, so you could use them in queries.

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thanks, that sounds perfect