Multi booting

I have linux mint and windows 10 on my pc but I have around 100 GB for haiku and I was wondering if it’s possible to install haiku on it and multi boot. I saw that someone already asked this in the past but I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to do.
Any help would be appreciated

Yes, it is possible.

The first thing we need to know is: Are you using Legacy BIOS or UEFI? They both have bootloaders at hand which can boot Win, Linux and Haiku.

With Legacy BIOS this would be Grub2, with UEFI rEFInd.

(I assume you use a PC with x86_64?)

In case of UEFI maybe this helps for your first steps:

My pc has a UEFI bios. And yes it is 64 bit. Is there a way to use grub with UEFI and add haiku as an entry?

I know from reading that Grub can be used on UEFI. But because I personally only used Refind, I can only assume that it works exactly like on Legacy BIOS. I researched and found that Mint has grub-customizer. I recommend that, because it is a smooth, painless way to make Grub do what you want.

Edit: I still recommend rEFInd.

That’s nice! Thanks for your help!
Also when I am installing haiku, do I just need to make a boot and root partition right?

I don’t think you don’t need more than one partition for Haiku.

Really? I watched a video not that long ago for duap booting Linux and it said that if you have a UEFI system you have to make a EFI boot partiiton

Yeah sorry, I meant you need only one partition for Haiku. But you need the (U)EFI partition for Grub because UEFI needs to find grub to start it. Not sure if grub needs the Haiku kernel on the EFI system partition (ESP) but I strongly guess so.

You should already have an ESP for Win and Linux, right?

Yes, I do. Grub detects both Linux and windows with no problems

Then you don’t have to worry about creating an EFI partition.

You need to install a chainloader entry into Grub after installing Haiku. I recommend doing that with grub-customizer (avalable via apt install). But if you know what you are doing you can create a simple and short chainloader entry in the Grub menu.

Ok. I’ll try and I hope it works!
Thank you for your help!

If that fails, there is rEFInd.

Hello DelianST,
You can lookup how grub2 can boot EFI loaders and load the haiku efi loader.

I would advise however to create an entry in your EFI for the haiku loader if that is possible.
You could install it for example by copying, from the boot usb (installer):
partition esp:
Your disks ESP

Then add a loader entry for that file, you should then be able to install haiku normally to your empty partition. If you can boot the efi loader you can dual boot just fine, EFI makes this much easier (grub unfortunately does not :D)

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