MPL (Multimedia Programming Language)

I wrote in the past (me and my brother), an interpreted programming language called MPL (Multimedia Programming Language), especially designed to make games and multimedia applications, 3D virtual galeries and things like that. Anyway, one game made with this programming language, was Sun Blast:

After some general discussions with UbiSoft in 2008 and selling our game rights to an external company, we droped the MPL project. The programming language was written initially in Linux, and was ported to FreeBSD (including PCBSD at that time), Windows and OSX. I guess with some effort, I can make it to work in Haiku, but my question is: there are still people interested in game programming these days?


If you build it, they will come…?

Haiku presently lacks graphics acceleration drivers. That might make things difficult. Otherwise it would likely be a good addition. Also the Media Kit may have some bugs but once people start using Media Kit it might reveal the bugs.

That makes make 3D rendering slow, but you still get exactly the same features as you get elsewhere. So I don’t see how it can make things difficult?

Hell yeah… even academia, actually.
Game programming is actually full of Mathematics and quite a challenge. I am working on Numerical Analysis for a long time, but I’m also developing a Multimedia Library as a hobby. It is not written in any of the usual languages for that purpose. Still, porting it to Haiku was pretty easy, although your mileage may vary since yours is a language, not a library.

From my experience, the lack of graphics acceleration drivers is not much of a problem, as long you are aware of the fact - thus developing a game/multimedia application not heavily relying on 3D acceleration. So yes, I think porting your language to Haiku is worth at least a try.

If you’re using SDL, then it would prolly not take too much effort for a Haiku port.

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I want this.

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But it’s only got 32MB RAM

At that speed, does it even need ram ?

That’s because I came from the future.
As a programmer, don’t make jokes about errors - just fix them!
I don’ see the reason why I should read that kind of shit on a dev forum. Good day to everyone, I’m out!

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