Mouse cursor is jumpy and sluggish


I am kinda annoyed about how the motion of the cursor on the screen is not smooth at all. On my linux partition on the same system, the mouse pointer moves and redraws on the screen very smoothly, so I know this isn’t a hardware problem with my mouse. Any way of fixing this? Would I need to increase DPI or something? I tried slowing down the acceleration on the mouse but it still had that annoying jumpy behavior and it wasn’t a smooth movement. I am using the Rudolf nVidia display driver for anyone interested in knowing. Thanks!


This is some type of bug and I’ve seen one or two others mention it. Something to do with your hardware. Could be interrupt, usb or other issue.

You should check for and file bug report, include listdev output. State if usb ( or ps2 ) mouse.

Haiku includes Nvidia driver from Rudolf. You should not install Rudolf’s BeOS driver - could be the cause. Was mouse cursor working right before this? Test with fresh Alpha install and do bug report if issue still present.

Ah… after a fresh reinstall… still nothing. It is a Microsoft 1000 Wireless Desktop Keyboard / Mouse combo.


Ok, you’ll have to check for (to add to) & file a bug report for it. Just to note, I also tried the Alpha CD on a computer with wireless mouse + keyboard and had sluggish and jumpy mouse cursor. I neglected to make bug report about it since I only run Windows on that system. So, this is not an isolated incident since same happened to me

EDIT: you should try out latest Haiku build too in case it was fixed. Many changes and fixes to Haiku happen over the weeks.