Mounting ufs in haiku?

Has anyone already mounted ufs partitions in haiku, or maybe the other way around?

While I admit I personally don’t have much experience with current *BSDs (outside of running Darwin/OS X/iOS), I noticed this topic was sinking without an answer. That said, from what I’ve seen from building snapshots before, I think there’s NTFS and ext (Linux) support in Haiku, but I haven’t seen UFS support in there. I could, of course, be wrong and admit to it. Also, as far as mounting BFS in *BSDs, I confess ignorance to this, too – I have never checked if this could be done or not, either. Others here will probably have a better answer to the above than I do. (However, I do know that Linux handles BFS (or BeFS) partitions fine in recent kernels, and should have no problem opening and reading Haiku volumes.)

That said, you should be able to mount a flash drive or disk partition you use with Haiku inside qemu, and talk to it from there. Another solution would be to create a disk image using FAT32 or another universal format, read it from inside a Haiku VM on top of BSD, and then sync it back to the host filesystem as a workaround.

In any case, despite all that I don’t know, I hope this helps. Maybe searching StackOverflow or the like may have more answers for this. (And again, there are more knowledgeable people here that will most likely have a better answer than I’ve given.) Good luck.

We have discussed this on the mailing list. The outcome is that “UFS” was forked at the same time the UNIX codebase was, and then each variant of it evolved independantly. As a result, each of the *BSD actually implements its own thing, and they are not really interoperable. The *BSDs cannot read each other’s UFS.

The Linux driver tries to handle all of them, but as a result of that, it is read-only.

We could support one of the variants, but at the moment it is not the case. We will see if one of our GSoC students decides to go with implementing UFS support. So far we’ve had proposals for updating our btrfs, and adding JFS support, which will both provide some more possible interoperability paths.