More Fonts for Haiku

Haiku really needs more fonts in its official distribution. I proposed the 3 “Liberation” fonts as alternatives to “Times New Roman”, “Arial”, and “Courier New”: #9581.

What are some other fonts (under the GPL/LGPL/OFL/SIL) that you think Haiku should have in its official distro? I for one think that it should get “Gentium Plus”, as Haiku needs a good Unicode font and Gentium Plus has 5,500 glyphs!

I agree with you.
In anyway on my installation i have added Roboto and Inconsolata (fixed) from Google and i use Ubuntu font for Tabs. How these fonts appear:

(click to enlarge)
Haiku OS

Wow, that looks AMAZING!
Haiku needs those fonts by default!

And these fonts look smooth, without the needs of antialias :slight_smile:

Looks really good. And i totally agree with you, we need more fonts.

installoptionalpackage -a droid

I’m using Droid fonts in Haiku now, very happy with the look. - Very good and free fonts! - online demo.

Yes, I agree that it would be nice if Haiku came with more quality fonts ‘out-of-the-box’, from what I understand all of the Google webfonts should be ok to distribute with Haiku.

However what I would like even more is that Haiku would enable freetype2 subpixel hinting, the patents have expired by now AFAIK and Ubuntu has shipped with it enabled for ages. In my (obviously subjective) view it is far superior to Haiku’s current text rendering settings.

Here’s a screenshot of the font rendering in Arch Linux using the standard freetype2 package from the extra repository:

It may not be amazing (although I think it looks fine) but I think it’s a definitive improvement over Haiku’s current font rendering, also from what I hear you can get better rendering than this if you use the Infinality font patches but I haven’t bothered with that myself.

I’ve fairly new to Haiku and was wondering - how do I install fonts? I see them in the System folder but I don’t have access.

Hi Blake! You can install it in this folder:



Google Fonts also has a large repository of free/open web fonts that can be downloaded and used anywhere. Raleway and Cantarell are nice fonts. Or, for those searching for a modern UI look, FreeSans is excellent as well.

Thanks for the quick response! This is a nice free font for coding I’ve been using lately:

I use Dejavu whenever I can. It’s clean. I’ve read somewhere that it’s one of the less encumbered fonts (copyright/ patent/etc). Thankfully, it’s already in Haiku. Some other fonts that would be nice have various restrictions. Comic is nice for the occasional lighter side touch - (even though it suffers the disdain of the pro printer crowd) but I think MS owns it. Not sure what the license would be on it.

Or does MS license it from Vincent Connare? I think he created it.

Or does MS license it from Vincent Connare? I think he created it.