More documentation for Haiku

I keep reading that some wish there were more documentions about haiku. Unfortunately, the developers will not have the time to work on these, but will rather spend their time working on their projects.

Therefore, it would be important to improve this area with the help of the users.

Our knowledge base is a good partner for this. We can provide your tutorials on our site and make them usable for many.

However, care should be taken to ensure that topics that would be more suitable for the Haiku User Guides should perhaps be included there. If this doesn’t appeal to you there, you can always ask us.

Now many may ask themselves, how am I supposed to write something where I don’t have enough experience myself, but in the end that’s exactly the point. If you try something and you are successful, this explanation is usually easier for others to understand than if it is written by someone who is trained in this area and requires a lot.

Let’s take Java as an example. Now someone wants to program on Haiku with java and doesn’t know how to get it, which editor to use, where to find information, how to pass on your program (show possibilities), etc.

Further examples can be tips on how to use wonderbrush or libre office.

It’s not about big reports, often the little things help to get started.

I keep hearing that there are instructions for everything and you can find everything on the internet, but I think that it is a bit more user-friendly if you can also find the right tips on a platform for the operating system used.

I would be happy to see more participation in our knowledge base and the user guides.