More BeOS like file system hierarchy in Haiku

I think that’s slightly harsh. Haiku developers must by definition be somewhat different from Linux devs (on average) otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this; they’d be away faffing around with Debian. You don’t code on/in Haiku (I presume) unless you are fond of the BeOS way, even if that’s indirectly via Haiku. I like to tell myself that Haiku developers are a higher quality sub-set of geeks.

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Fair point :+1:t4:

The organization in Haiku is very organic. If one developer thinks their time is better spent working on these things, they can work on it. And if people want to submit more proposals there, they can do so as well.

It seems most people are currently at least trying to work on “R1” things (bugfixing, improving hardware support) rather than new features.

There are many motivations to contribute to Haiku. Some people just like to hack on a kernel that’s simpler than the Linux one and/or written in C++ instead of C. You don’t have to care much for the “BeOS way” to do that.

And, it’s great to have a diversity of skills, interests, and motivations :slight_smile:
There is so much work to do anyways, everyone can find a place where they can meaningfully contribute.


Hopefully, devs who like the BeOS way are the largest chunk of devs. If they aren’t, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

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