Monitor shows "Input Not Supported" on a "supported" video card

Trying to boot Haiku off an old server equipped with a Radeon VE for graphics, which is listed as supported by the radeon driver here:

However, the monitor shows an Input Not Supported message after the Haiku bootup screen. VESA driver does work, but it is only limited to 1024x768 resolution; this is odd considering that Linux can output up to 1920x1080. What’s going on? Is this a driver issue?

EDIT: Adding to mention that this was on the Beta 1 release.

Yes. Please open a bugreport at and include output of listdev (or lspci from Linux).

I’ll get on that next week, when I can use the server again. Thanks!

BTW I forgot to mention that this was on Beta 1; I’ve added that to the original post. Sorry 'bout that.

Maybe try it with a Nightly; the Beta is great but it doesn’t have all the latest tweaks to the system the nightlies do.

AFAIK, there was no work on graphics driver since beta1.

Ok, here’s the ticket with lspci and listdev output:

Filed with normal priority, since I wasn’t sure whether it deserves to be a high or critical ticket; it does prevent Haiku from being usable, though. What do you think?