Monitor connected to docking station


I’m running Haiku on a HP laptop which is attached to a docking station. I have a 22" monitor connected to the docking station, but Haiku only sees the laptops screen and resolution. This is not the same resolution as the external 22" monitor. I cannot choose the screen resolution of the external monitor in the Screen preferences app.

Is there a way of making Haiku recognize the external monitor or some way of setting a screen resolution which is not listed in the Screen preferences?

By the way, I’m not using both screen. Only the external 22" monitor. The laptops lid is closed.


Haiku may have to “see” the external monitor during its boot phase for it to be recognized.

I presume that there is a keyboard key combination allowing to switch between the notebook screen, the external monitor, and both displays? If so, can the external monitor or both displays be set as the power-on default?

Maybe someone who has attempted to hook a projector to a notebook running Haiku already has a solution as this would be a similar situation. Searching the relevant posts did not yield any which were relevant. There is only an old thread about dual monitor support which might be applicable to your case ( Dual Monitors for Haiku? ).

Thank you Stacked_Lambda.

Unfortunately that didn’t help. Any other suggestions?