MOHO/LostMarble devs around?

I came across this
and was wondering if there were later releases?
Are MOHO/LostMarble devs around to compile Moho for Haiku?

As near as I can tell, Moho is still being sold for Windows and macOS and belongs to SmithMicro. If I still worked for SmithMicro I would ask around and see if they could do something about the BeOS versions, but I don’t and don’t think anyone I knew still works there.

Anyways, Moho Pro is $400. Yoinks!


Yes new PRO version is costly unless you are a paid professional I guess, but DEBUT is just 60USD… anyway new one needs OpenGL which is limited with last BeOS and Haiku, but I was more interested if they would be willing just to try to re-compile old BeOS version for Haiku *(developers started as BeOS enthusiasts as far as I know).

They actually called it Anime Studio for a few years, and I have a copy on Mac and Windows somewhere.

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I think someone asked on their forum and they were not very interested because the userbase of Haiku is too small to justify any work from them. I guess all you can do is have more people go to their forums and commit to buying the Haiku version, until there are enough of you to make them consider it.

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I fondly remember all these promising creative tools coming out even in native versions or being ported (even Steinberg was on board!)…
Maybe this would be a good fit for crowd funding campaign where interested users can sign up for and commit to a port?
@zblace could you suggest that in the forum?

The forum posts you will find here:

The new MOHO site:
…they changed the name of Anime Studio back to its original name: Moho.
It’s the same great product (actually better), just with a new/old name