Moderation team and devloper hostility

" Hello cb88,
Following the recent public discussions, the forum moderation team has decided that your action do not deserve a ban, for now, however, this is a warning that you should consider improving your behavior.
You have repeatedly derailed threads into off-topic tangents, often with claims that are not backed by facts. This creates extra work for everyone:

  • For the other members of the community, who have to research your claims and fact check you and give references that explain why you are wrong,
  • For newcomers to the community, who can be confused by your messages and led into false directions,
  • For the forum moderation team, who has to deal with the resulting confusion and heated discussions
    Overall, this means your contributions are detrimental to the community. We think that a few changes could dramatically improve this, for example:
  • If you have a rant about a specific piece of technology, instead of jumping into any topic that mention it, consider starting your own topics. The discussion in the original topic can then continue undisturbed
  • Be sure to check that your opinion is founded, usually a simple web search will be enough
  • Be more considerate of the other people in the community and outside of it, use a less aggressive tone and avoid general accusations of bloat, incompetence, etc without providing details.
    If you continue posting in the same way, we will have to consider restricting your permissions on the forum. Thanks for your help in keeping this forum a place where everyone feels comfortable and we can have productive discussions.

I’m tired of this crap… and have been on this forum for over a DECADE, with no or minimal prior complaints and pretty dang similar commentary. Why is it every few years the developers pick someone they deem annoying and run them off?

I won’t allow the last word to be had in a DM over this because its wholly inappropriate to have this whole discussion in public and then kick me in private.

And I should add that having been here for YEARS I myself am actually a relatively trusted meber of this forum… maybe instead of creating 20 pages of drama over this bullshit you should have put all that energy somewere else, that’s 100% on yall.

I’m specifically going to point out axeld (who himself has said is barely active, and started this whole crap) and Pulkomandy (who is clearly playing some leading role as antagonist). You guys, are detrimental to free discourse in this community.

I will also add that no one else is being held to these ludicrous standards not even the develpers themselves.


Speaking of tone, Pulkomandy’s tone isn’t particularly great in most threads.

Do not hesitate to use the “signal this post” button when this happens (it does, because some people here are irritating and my patience has limits). The rules are the same for everyone. If I deserve a suspension, I will enjoy a break from the forums and spend my time elsewhere, maybe that’s not a bad thing after all :slight_smile:


Why? So people’s opinions can be hidden and only reviewed by moderators? People should just reply what they think. I think there are situations where using that button is wise (eg if i think I’d better not reply at the current time but we are well past that).

If that were true the rules of the forum would have been changed via a vote and nobody would have bothered harassing me in DM.

Me too. And I suspect I’m not the only one. Many community members have tried to reason with you. So far with no success it seems. And if you really think people like @pulkomandy are sometimes judged differently (which I think they are not) then it is for the reason that they continuosly contribute great effort to bring the project forward, be it code or organizational stuff or both. Something I haven’t seen from you in the approximately 15 years that I follow the project. Nothing. Only endless arguing on the forum. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

TLDR: Please, for the love of zeros and ones, why don’t you do us all a favour and just shut up.


That is how I took the end of the last thread, where I had effectively accepted the equivalent of what they demanded in the DM of me personally not the rest of the forum, then they sent me a damn DM harassing me thus we are hear don’t blame me for this shit.

The rules have not been changed. The only update to the “policies” page is a link to the already existing rules. You can read them here: FAQ - Haiku Community

These are so unmodified that they are, in fact, the default rules from the discourse forum software. You can check by yourself how many of these rules you are not following.

You don’t even follow those rules your own self Mr. Knee Jerk reaction himself.

Every time I see anyone say anything about Web+ not working you are immediately hostile and jump on that conversation. Ironically I’ve never been critical of web+ at all and actually like that it exists.

Axeld’s probably got pent up issues with me for my critical dissent of packagefs. Specifically packagefs’s implementation not package management which is essential.

Taking out those issues like that on users and other developers instead of taking critique to heart is wrong. If you cannot handle critque yourselves why should I accept any at all from you? Go back to the mailing lists if you want developer only discussion.

the mailing lists are also open to everyone. However, the forum is a more convenient system. In particular, it gives us better moderation tools, whereas on the mailing lists there is no way to lock topics, remove inappropriate messages, etc.

That’s why the mailing lists are largely unused now, and technical discussions happen in the forum as well. That doesn’t change much in terms of expectations for people staying civilized and constructive.

Not really, there are countless ML topics where people are directed here instead of there. Non developer discussion is discouraged there.

If you want to go create a developer forum DO THAT, instead of turning this one on it’s head.

This forum has a development category for development discussions. It always had. Are you trying to kick the Haiku developers out of their own forum?

I’m not, I’m saying they should be distinct, unfortunately this forum software is basically just one big blob of threads with some vague tagging system unlike older ones.

What I am saying is there is no real hierarchy here. If there were a way to prevent non developers from not posting in developer only threads I’d be happy to comply with that. The closest I have seen to that is a few threads that the OP has asked non developers to refrain, and honestly it is easy to miss that request in a long thread.

So what? If your general attitudes are annoying to one person who’s only somewhat active, then there’s a good chance they’re annoying to more than just that one person. Perhaps there are people who check the forums, see the kind of arguments that happen here, and decide “no thanks”.

The contents of the message PulkoMandy sent to you was discussed among the moderators before it was sent. He didn’t send it purely of his own initiative. I agree with it. So no, this isn’t just about two specific people, either.

I wonder how many people actually agree with you.

I don’t interact with you much anymore, except when you come after some technical thing that I know very well or have worked on, because past interactions between us have not gone well. It seems you have succeeded in annoying others with your behavior as well, at this point.

I have to ask: Why are you even here? Do you still like Haiku? Because the majority of the posts I recall reading from you skew towards the negative. You think this is bloated, or that is inefficient, or this developer is too hostile, or that decision was a poor one, or whatever else. What is it that you like that is keeping you here? I think if we saw that you still have a legitimate interest in Haiku, and not just a “negativity parade”, we would be having a different conversation here.


You are wrong. Pulkomandy send this message on behalf of the moderation team. You are trying to shoot the messenger here, instead you should focus on the message.

There is no kicking you in private.

And yes, there are people “beeing held to these ludicrious standards”. I’ve already suspended two users this week and send a warning to another, all times with full agreement of the rest of the moderation team, if PulkoMandy behaves inappropriately it will be dealt with in the same way, asking them to change their behaviour, if needed a warning, and if a warning is insufficient then even a suspension. In your case it was decided that a suspension was not necessary, and a warning would suffice in the hopes that you “get the message” and improve your behaviour. But apparently you choose to make a public stink about it instead.

Just for the record the Warning you received is readable by all moderators, it is not some 1:1 message PulkoMandy send to “kick” you, and it was available for review by other moderators before it was even send.

This has nothing to do with pulkomandy trying to “have the last word”, Please consider the message instead of trying to create a public drama about it, it was not even written in a hostile way.

Yes I am because the messenger had the complete lack of wisdom as to even send it after concluding the last thread. And then had the gall to lock the last thread after it was already pretty much done.

Good bye I am deleting my account. I like Haiku, I hate packagefs with a passion. End of story. Apparently not possible to delete your own account… doesn’t Haiku comply with regulations on that?

Also for the record since 2008. Apparently you can be a member in good standing for 16 years and still get taken out with the trash.

This is standard Discourse behavior. Accounts of a certain age can’t be deleted, only deactivated or anonymized. (I trust that their lawyers determined this is acceptable under the GDPR and whatever other regulations.) If you are requesting it, I can trigger that for your account.

Whichever method leaves me unable to access it, but without it being anonymized I find that misleading and confusing for the sake of knowing who said what. After all its not as if I bear the ill will to retract all my past posts be they helpful or not.

I guess deactivated is the right word. In any case thank you to all of your who have put up with my discussions over the years. You can find me elsewhere on the internet as gh0stwriter gh0stwriter88 or cb88 typically.

I think a suspension is the only thing that permanently leaves one unable to login. The deactivation is reversed by re-validating the email address.


I don’t think there’s anything more we need discuss on this thread, then.