Missing templates in paladin 1.3

dunno what to do about these missing templates or why they’d be missing, but i’m definitely missing some things.

in the image linked above, the background is the doccumentation packaged with the paladin ide, and the foreground is the new project dialog in paladin, with the type dropdown menu fully open showing all options available to me. where might i find these templates and where should i put them?

Hey spinach!

All templates are, unsurprisingly :), in a subfolder called “Templates” in Paladin’s installation folder.
Unfortunately the .pkg archive of Paladin doesn’t install cleanly on a current nightly Haiku… I just put the Paladine folder from an older installation into the ~/config/non-packaged folder of my nightly and that does work, templates and all.


ah, cool. i found the templates folder on sourceforge under the mercurial branch after checking the templates folder that’s installed and finding that, indeed, the templates in my menu are the ones there in the folder. it’s odd that the package would leave some out – i’m using r1a4 for the moment. thanks!