Missing Preferences Options

After many years away from BeOS and Haiku I decided recently to give Haiku a try again. Setup went fine on a real old HP ePC PIII 933mhz with 256MB of RAM. I like installing on real hardware over a Virtual Machine.

I went to do my usual First Thing custom settings I normally did on BeOS under Haiku and these options I can not locate.

1: The Menu Preference. I change the default ALT Key setting to CTLR Key for Menus and Programs.
2: The Services Tab in Networking. I turn on FTP Services so I can get programs onto the machine easily.

I couldn’t figure out if SAMBA was under Haiku or if there was a WON equivalent under Haiku. Basically how do I connect to a Windows or Mac machine on the Network to transfer files.

Where do I find these under Haiku?


  1. leaf Preferences Keymap

  2. http://haikuware.com/remository/view-details/internet-network/utilities/netservices

  3. I have not connected Haiku to a Windows share, but I believe it is now possible.

SAMBA - http://haikuware.ru/apps/network

java muCommander (nfs ftp smb hdfs http sftp - client) - http://www.fayloobmennik.net/3349326

work! - HaikuOS hrev46642 http://haiku-files.org/unsupported-builds/x86-gcc4hybrid/

NetServices is what I was looking for to get going.
I saw the Keymap but didn’t select the Modifier Keys option under File.

I will use NetServices for the time being before trying SAMBA or the others listed. Mostly because I am used to FTPing under BeOS. WON sometimes worked and sometimes it didn’t. FTP always worked.



Hi fmh,

the Network preferences have been incomplete for a long time… The setting for sshd/telnetd/ftpd is still there in /boot/system/settings/network/services.
In the Keymap preferences, you don’t need the “Modifier keys” option, but the “Switch shortcut keys to Windows/Linux mode” button on the main window.
Haiku comes with nfs4, I think, haven’t tried it yet. Haikuports has FtpPositive, which I like, though it seems to take an awfully long time to display a file listing.

Regards and welcome back to the fold. :slight_smile: