Missing Libraries for WebPositive

Yo guys! I downloaded WebPositive and extracted it, but it won’t launch. It says I’m missing some libraries. Where can I get them?

You need to update to a R1-Alpha2 release candidate. ICU is a library heavily used by locale, which was never in Alpha1.

Because Stippy didn’t update his Haiku with the latest library (openSSL&openSSH) you should get Haiku r36316 (04/15/2010) if you want to test a recent web+

I use a Haiku GCC4 Hybrid from the 15.April and cant get Web+(Rev. 421) started. Rev 419 was working…

Missing libs:
libssl and libcrypto…

There is still no GCC4 Alpha 2 Version, maybe I should just try the latest GCC4 Hybrid?

I guess that or wait until Alpha 2. Is there any way of “upgrading” Haiku, or will I have to install over Alpha 1?

Installing over alpha1 will keep everything in your home folder intact, data and settings. Only the system folder is supposed to be upgraded.