Missing Icons (rdef/hvif/iom)

Want to kick of on a quest to search for some icon artist that could create an icon for applications that are missing one.

For starters I’m searching for someone who could create an icon for Furnace: https://github.com/tildearrow/furnace/blob/master/res/logo.png

That looks like a render pic icon. Do you know who rendered it and if it could be rerendered as an SVG? If so, it could be imported directly in Icon-o-Matic. Otherwise there’s a bitmap to vector tracer in Inkscape that isn’t as optimal but would still work.

There are 2 blend logo’s in there also, I see in Blender that you can export to SVG, but somehow I’m a noob there :wink:

I managed to trace the PNG into SVG but even after installing an SVG translator, I’m not quite sure how to import into Icon-o-Matic.

This would not be hard to replicate in Icon-O-Matic from scratch. The current logo is even already isometric, though in a different direction than the standard Haiku style. Though given the name Furnace I’d be tempted to do something with a chip in a fire or furnace.

If no one else gets to it before I do, I can make one. I want to dust off my icon skills, the last time I made some for Haiku was probably 15 or more years ago, haha. I was even showing off some of them to my son the other day. Made long before he existed (he is now 8) :slight_smile:


Right-click on the svg icon and open with ... ?

EDIT mind you, not all SVG icons import fine in IOM :wink:

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How to draw HVIF icon with Icon-O-Matic


Furnace 05

This is my approach.
I took ZuMi’s chip icon as a base, it’s modified for perspective and some other things, but still unmistakable :point_left: (love ZuMi’s icons :star_struck:)
At first I tried to cram as many feet as possible (8 feet) so that it ressembled the original Furnace icon (12 feet!).
At small sizes it was a small disaster.
So I settled on 6 feet, that are still recognizable at 32px and smooth enough at smaller sizes.
It has many compromises like that, so that it works well as a Haiku icon at different sizes, but I think it’s still quite faithful to the original.
What do you think?


Could you provide me with a *.iom file or a rdef file for this one, looks nice!


yeah … zumi icon is beatiful…


There is an issue made for the Hex-a-hop package since it is missing an icon:

Found two icons in the source which can be used as references for a Haiku-style icon. The issue has been updated with them.

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