Minimum haiku

Im am testing a thin client to run with haiku. All is running well, but i can not install haiku, because the internal “harddisk” are only 1GB.

Is there a list of must have in haiku, to create a minimum haiku stick?

Processor: Intel Pentium II; AMD Athlon Memory: 256MB Monitor: 800x600 Storage: 3GB

I mean what is needed in the image (packages…)

Build a minimum image and look into it?
Or analyze the build config file?

Yes this should be the best way. Mount a install stick, through out all not needed like the doc files. And then open every app package to reduce the included doc files. I hope this will be enough.

I meant building a minimum image:
jam -q @minimum-raw

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just check the deps of the haiku package then

Ihre it, i remove the userguide and welcome package

If you uncheck all optional packages in Installer it should not be a problem to install on a 1GB system, especially if you start from a nightly build.