Minetest and Minecraft on Haiku?



Moon Alert ?

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What is it? It’s java game?

No, cult among my children (back then) on the ZX Spectrum.
Now play it in the browser (Qaop – ZX Spectrum emulator, Moon Alert for ZX Spectrum (1984) - MobyGames).

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Why in the browser?




Is this a chrome extension?

@3dEyes can you wrote here a short description to run minecraft on haiku?


Hello I am not sure if this is useful but I managed to build the MultiMC launcher in Haiku

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What is this launcher?
For what?

The MultiMC launcher runs Minecraft. It takes care of creating any number of distinct environments so that you can have say, Agrarian Skies (a mod pack for a very old version of Minecraft) but also SevTech Ages, Stoneblock 2, and the current vanilla build, co-existing. Hence Multi MC.


Could you create a package for lwjgl on Haikuports?If it is ok for you I’d could then try create a native minecraft launcher for Haiku that links to this package

I made a script to automatically download and install Minecraft. If you need it, I can publish it tomorrow.


That would be great

I probably won’t have the time to write a launcher in the next few days, but I’ll be looking forward to writing one

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I want it please

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Just run this script from Tracker: Minecraft_Installer-1.2-haiku-x86_64.zip
The script will automatically download the selected version and create shortcuts in the Deskbar menu.

PS: Script based on https://github.com/alexivkin/minecraft-launcher


Ok i can run Mincraft and i can load my saved worlds of windows minecraft, but i spawn on unkown position or all i build on the world are not compatible to this version, so not added.

If it ever works out that you can use savegames saved on windows on Haiku, then I can contribute a world with 14 different cities connected by a mine railway.

Minecraft worlds have to match the version of Minecraft that you are running. A 1.16.5 world will not work in Minecraft 1.17.1. If you are playing multiplayer through a server, the server’s Minecraft version has to match as well. If the world is older than your version of Minecraft, it is possible to upgrade the world. It’s not possible to downgrade a world however.

Also note that there are two Minecraft editions, Java edition and Bedrock edition. These are also not compatible with one another.

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Could you publicise the patch files/create a haikuports recipe for the lwjgl build? That would allow for a 32-Bit version of the library as well as for me to create a launcher. I have already tried to compile lwjgl for myself with no luck. If there is a haikuports package the libraries could be linked to by the launcher on game launch which would be a tidy approach in my opinion.

Minecraft is the most inutile game ever? jajajaja

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