Minetest and Minecraft on Haiku?

I was woundering if anyone out there was working on a port of the Minecraft clone Minetest? I looked on Haikuware and it seems like there is no port and no world of Haiku even on the forums. Is this just becuase no one has attemped it yet or just becuase Hiaku does not have many games. Minetest is written in C so I would not think it should be hard to port over? I also looked and there is no port of jdk on haikuware ether and I know there was a port arround some weare. does minecraft run on Haiku any more? I know Windows has its own version and now OSX has its own as whell and Linux uses the .jar file.

Here’s some info on OpenJDK:

you’d need to build/port lwjgl at a minimum… it should be able to work well enough with the LLVMPipe renderer it does on linux anyway. There are probably a few other things needed also…





I love Minecraft :slight_smile:


It’s a funny trend on this forum of someone asking for something and then that something magically appearing working on the thread.


The first question comes from 2014 :wink:

Does it play at a bearable speed? This could be used in junction with Zinc (OpenGL to Vulkan layer in Mesa) to get Minecraft to run hardware accelerated, I’ve tried that in Linux and it ran with a very minimal performance impact even on higher settings. Also, is it possible to use the Optifine mod with the game?

Isn’t this an extremely specific question? Why aren’t you just simply happy to see Haiku can run yet another thing?

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If you don’t avidly play Minecraft I wouldn’t assume you to know, but optifine includes a good chunk of optimizations and QOL improvements over the normal version and usually runs at a higher speed. I get that we should be happy to see it run on Haiku, but running might not equal playable in most scenarios.

Exactly, please do not expect anybody have time or interest to fullfil or answer those really specific questions. It can happen that 3dEyes have absolutely no interest in games, and doesn’t care about that only uses it as a POC.

But in case he have interest, we would probably like to get a link, instead of needing to search for a mod, possibly with an install guide.

It’s installer comes in a JAR file that can open and install on Windows, OS X and Linux.

About performance, I would like to point out that 1) hardware accelerated graphics is not available yet, and 2) the hardware acceleration that is being worked on is targeting relatively recent Vulkan-capable AMD GPUs.

So there is really no way around the fact that you need a good PC. With that said, you are free to try Optifine, Fabric, all of the different launchers and so on yourself whenever Java with GLFW is available.

I don’t play games at all. The last time I played a game was in the early 90s, and that was on a ZX-Spectrum.

PS: I don’t know anything about java either. :wink:




Moon Alert ?

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What is it? It’s java game?

No, cult among my children (back then) on the ZX Spectrum.
Now play it in the browser (Qaop – ZX Spectrum emulator, Moon Alert for ZX Spectrum (1984) - MobyGames).

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Why in the browser?