Minecraft and JRE

Has anybody successfully launched and played Minecraft in Haiku? I know that there is hardly any java support for Haiku, but I really want to get this to work. Anybody?

I did find the Apache Harmony Java package, but I have no idea how or where to install it. Could you help me? Also, if I do install it, could I run .jar files? I assume that I would have to add something to $PATH as well, so could you also tell me how to correctly do that. I found some documentation online, but it was all pretty difficult to understand, and many of the commands were not recognized by Bash…


We don’t have a fully working Java port with hardware accelerated OpenGL yet, so it is probably quite far from working.

I had an email exchange awhile back with Andrew Bachman, one of the original guys who worked on OpenJDK. It was his opinion that the development was being held up by some bugs. Possibly due to the GCC compiler. But it has stalled and needs some developer TLC to get the project started again:

Here is an alternative to OpenJDK:

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Java on haiku doesn’t have any graphics extensions for the time being… even the Apache Harmony port is only text. you should be able to run a .jar file but still… no graphics.