Midori web browser

A while back someone posted that they were working on Midori for the community. I just built a working core version of it that I’ll gladly share. The version I built was 7.0 and I removed adblock as it was giving me fits.


That’s a great step. I loved Midori at the time. My favorite browser on Linux for a while.

Sadly I doubt that one more webkitgtk browser will change much for the average Haiku user. We would really need someone with the time and skills to debug QTWebEngine crashes and unlock the full power of the web on Haiku


how to get it?
i find no result with haikudepot.

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dasouth only shared that he managed to build Midori for himself.
Being able to build a software doesn’t mean that it will fully work either. There can be things here and there to improve or to fix (In this particular case AdBlock). I’m sure that after testing it for a while @dasouth will be happy to share the recipe. Meanwhile, you won’t see it in HaikuDepot. It wouldn’t make sense to share something without testing it, would it?

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Hi dasouth, can you turn back adblock as an option ?

dasouth, please share the installation file


And also we might consider that it won’t be available for everyone even in Haikudepot …
If you are on a different Haiku version - like me – when I searched for Dooble browser to check it out, and finally found on Web surface only as its package exclusively for x86_64 while I’m on x86 .-(

I havent heard from the person who was working on his build of Midori yet, so I haven’t talked to him regarding where he is at in regards to it.

I do have a very basic hpkg with no receipe (consider it half baked) for Midori, it is missing the dependencies neccessary for Midori. I could create a dependencies list, and include that in a zipped file or add it to the hpkg. However, I do not know where I could upload ay pkg.

I have been working 6 days a week since Dec, and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to any projects. I usually find something to work on in any spare moment.

Hi dasouth,

can you build the latest Midori from the github, also with optional adblock ?

GitHub - midori-browser/core: Midori Web Browser - a lightweight, fast and free web browser using WebKit and GTK+