Middle button functionally

The middle button isn’t really much used currently in Haiku, so I have been thinking about how it could be used to speed upp some tasks for the poweruser. One nice thing would be to use it for moving windows in the background or just give a backround app focus without bring it to front. Another thing it could do is to let the user select options in a menu without closing it. As an example at the deskbar if i would like to select 24 hour clock, show seconds and european date in deskbar settings I could this much faster because the menu wouldn’t close when I select an option. The middle button could also be used to open folders in new windows if you have choosen single window navigation or in the same window if you use default navigation. It would also reverse the the move/copy dragging compared to the left button. Would it be easy to implement this behaviour to Haiku? I think it would be really useful for speeding up things for the user.

I would Like to see Stack & Tile use the middle mouse button when moving windows close to one another.

/ If anyone does not know what stack & tile is:

I just want to say that some of the funtionallitys for the middle button that I mentioned are already implemented in OS X, and it actually really speeds up things.

Is this funtionaly implemented yet? I can only run Haiku in VM right now so I can’t test it. It seems really easy to ad this feature. I don’t see any reason to not implement my idea.

While the forums are a good place to discuss issues and work out the details with other Haiku users who read the forums, there are actually very few developers who frequently read the messages here.

If you feel your suggestion is ready for developer input and evaluation, you should probably file an enhancement ticket on Trac, and/or post a message to the [haiku] mailing list where it will get more exposure and discussion.