Mid Community Bonding--Progress | Haiku Project

Hello Everybody, I am G.Rajagopalan working on porting webkit2 to haiku as a part of my GSoC project. So here I am to share our experiences and work regarding the project 😄.

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Your IPC graphic is a bit large… :slight_smile:
Hope you keep progressing on all fronts and continue to have fun doing it!

Really nice update, I like your style. And sounds like solid progress too! Thanks. BTW I can’t see your diagram.

Wow thank you that’s the nicest compliment anyone has given me. I just now noticed that the diagram is missing. It is a sketch of me drawing my cloud of thoughts :smile:

Oh what is the maximum size for an image allowed?

There’s no restriction on image size AFAIK, I just meant that you uploaded a 2K photo that doesn’t display very well in Web+ in ‘standard’ resolutions. Better use a resized version to e.g. 800 pixels wide.
Meanwhile the image has disappeared completely anyway… Maybe another victim of ticket #14370?