Microsoft Surface Pro 2 boots current nightlies natively

So - this was written elsewhere, but I have now set up my Surface Pro 2 to boot Haiku natively from the internal storage.

Hardware wise -

  • the screen seems to be running in VGA mode (I am guessing), but it seems to work pretty well. Can’t change the res, but I upped the font size and it seems to have made stuff more usable. I’m sure I could override the values in the system configuration, but this works for now. EDIT: It reports as “Iris (Haswell mobile)”… the external port doesn’t seem to work, at least over DisplayPort.
  • audio - have not looked at why, but not currently working. I think the driver is just not supporting the chipset revision or whatever.
  • type cover - all seems good. The keyboard works, the mouse pad works.
  • touch screen - works. Tapping is a left click
  • pen - mostly works. Moved the mouse pointer, tap is left click, side button is right click, but the eraser/top button doesn’t seem to do anything.
  • internal ssd works
  • internal WiFI - does not currently have a driver.
  • battery charge is reported, and it charges.

I have been using a TLink USB WiFi and it’s all good. It generally works, but was a bit flaky after booting this morning. It seems to work only when plugged in to a hub and the hub seems to need to be plugged in without an extension.

So - yeah, I will now continue to play and possible start being more productive (as my previous Haiku computer was a 32bit Atom netbook with a teeny screen.)


And this is posted from within Haiku via Webpositive!

I realised the webcams don’t work - but thenb I never use them anyway… There are two, front and back.

Please add your system to the hardware list info site, so we can add it to our hardwar database.

Sure. I did run your app but I don’t think it saved anything. I also am unlikely to set up email so maybe need to mess around to get you the file.

@memsom you can add the info to the forum, i linked before. You does not need to use my app.