Microsoft releasess Process Monitor for Linux

New process monitor like htop for linux and under a MIT license

Its posible to port it to Haiku?

ProcMon for linux uses BPF (Berkeley Packet Filters) which is a feature of linux kernel. We don’t have it so it can’t be ported.

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Out of curiosity, would it be possible to develop a similar tool for Haiku?

Is it very different from top?

Slayer comes into my mind.

ProcMon traces syscall activity; does Slayer do that as well?

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No, Slayer is simpler than that. But we have an implementation of strace which logs syscalls.

I’d say everything is possible, however, this is one of the areas where POSIX show it’s (easily reached) limits: accessing the list of process and scanning what they do is entirely specific to each system. So you may reuse parts of the UI for a tool (we have the htop UI running, for example) but you have to adjust all the internals (our htop currently complains that it doesn’t know how to list threads, making it a lot less useful).

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Huh, that’s interesting to know. Let’s say someone wants to adapt ProcMon to Haiku, what OS-specific things could they look into that would theoretically let the tool work as intended? What’s the closest Haiku analogue to BPF, maybe?