Microsoft .NET Framework

I’m currently running Fedora 14 but even with the aid of Wine, it cannot run all Windows programs. I thought to get around this by loading ReactOS as it is apparently - like Haiku - neither a Windows nor a Linux OS but likewise cannot run all Windows programs. Hopefully someone in the forum can advise whether Haiku will work for me or not.

An issue I encountered with ReactOS is the following when trying to run a particular software designed for Windows after copying it over from another drive:

.NET Required
This setup requires the .NET Framework v2.0. Please download and install the .NET Framework v2 and run this setup again. Do you want to download the framework now? YES, NO

Of course I chose YES and absolutely nothing happened but I should mention also that I cannot connect to the internet with ReactOS either as the ‘Device Installation’ screen appears looking for the ethernet controller. Apparently ReactOS is really not ready for prime time and still in alpha stage 10 years into its development from what I understand.

The software download page is:

It says the following:
System Requirements & Download
Required Item Recommended
Operating System - Windows XP SP2 and up

  • Windows 7 supported
  • 1 GB RAM and up
    Software .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 or higher
    Installing .NET Framework
  • To manually check it your system has Microsoft.NET Framework
    o Select “Start” from your desktop menu, then “Control Panel” and locate “Microsoft .NET Framework” within “Add or Remove Programs”.
  • Download the Microsoft .NET Framework for 32-bit computers here
  • Download the Microsoft .NET Framework for 64-bit computers here

I was advised ‘forget it. .Net will never run on ReactOS, no matter how much time and work you invest.
You’ll need a proper MS product for this; nothing else will do’.

Does anyone think it will run on Haiku? Is .NET Framework 2.0 supported or am I just wasting my time trying to get EZTrader to run on Haiku?

Many thanks to anyone who can advise.

No, Haiku isn’t able to run Windows software, much less .NET software software intended for Windows.

Thank you NoHaikuForMe. That confirms my suspicion.

Have you thought of Mono on Linux?
Forget about ReactOS, it wont fit the bill… but if you find a proper Linux Distro and then run the Mono Project on it you might just win.

I’m pretty certain you could install Ubuntu and then get Mono running on it.

Note that MonoDevelop is for creating .Net apps… you just want to execute them with Mono itself.

Install Mono on Fedora.

ReactOS is a windows something clone that has yet to be complete and far from having 100% compatibility with all windows applications…

Mono will help you a bit, I don’t know if you will have a .Net 2.0 support with it! I would suggest you to not bother with any C# based apps.

just my 2 cents!

I’ve already installed Mono in Fedora and I don’t know what to do next as it still does not open EZTrader:

[marneo@MN ~]$ su -c "yum install mono-core"
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
rpmfusion-free-updates | 3.3 kB 00:00
rpmfusion-nonfree-updates | 3.3 kB 00:00
updates/metalink | 16 kB 00:00
updates | 4.7 kB 00:00
updates/primary_db | 4.4 MB 00:05
Setting up Install Process
Resolving Dependencies
–> Running transaction check
—> Package mono-core.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Runtime.Serialization) = for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Data.Linq) = for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Web.Services) = for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Data) = for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.ServiceModel) = for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: libgdiplus for package: mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Running transaction check
—> Package libgdiplus.i686 0:2.6.7-3.fc14 set to be installed
—> Package mono-data.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
—> Package mono-wcf.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Messaging) = for package: mono-wcf-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Messaging) = for package: mono-wcf-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
—> Package mono-web.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Design) = for package: mono-web-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(Mono.Data.Sqlite) = for package: mono-web-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Processing Dependency: mono(System.Design) = for package: mono-web-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686
–> Running transaction check
—> Package mono-data-sqlite.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
—> Package mono-extras.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
—> Package mono-winforms.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 set to be installed
–> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

================================================== ==============================
Package Arch Version Repository Size
================================================== ==============================
mono-core i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 14 M
Installing for dependencies:
libgdiplus i686 2.6.7-3.fc14 fedora 163 k
mono-data i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 2.0 M
mono-data-sqlite i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 134 k
mono-extras i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 743 k
mono-wcf i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 1.4 M
mono-web i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 4.1 M
mono-winforms i686 2.6.7-4.fc14 updates 3.8 M

Transaction Summary
================================================== ==============================
Install 8 Package(s)

Total download size: 26 M
Installed size: 92 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Setting up and reading Presto delta metadata
updates/prestodelta | 792 kB 00:01
Processing delta metadata
Package(s) data still to download: 26 M
(1/8): libgdiplus-2.6.7-3.fc14.i686.rpm | 163 kB 00:01
(2/8): mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 14 MB 00:17
(3/8): mono-data-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 2.0 MB 00:06
(4/8): mono-data-sqlite-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 134 kB 00:00
(5/8): mono-extras-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 743 kB 00:01
(6/8): mono-wcf-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 1.4 MB 00:05
(7/8): mono-web-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 4.1 MB 00:04
(8/8): mono-winforms-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686.rpm | 3.8 MB 00:05

Total 602 kB/s | 26 MB 00:44
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
Installing : libgdiplus-2.6.7-3.fc14.i686 1/8
Installing : mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 2/8
Installing : mono-data-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 3/8
Installing : mono-data-sqlite-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 4/8
Installing : mono-wcf-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 5/8
Installing : mono-extras-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 6/8
Installing : mono-winforms-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 7/8
Installing : mono-web-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 8/8

mono-core.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14

Dependency Installed:
libgdiplus.i686 0:2.6.7-3.fc14 mono-data.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 mono-data-sqlite.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 mono-extras.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 mono-wcf.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14 mono-web.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14
mono-winforms.i686 0:2.6.7-4.fc14

[marneo@MN ~]$ chmod +x
[marneo@MN ~]$ su -c “sh"
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
Setting up Install Process
Package mono-core-2.6.7-4.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do
ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/bin/eztrader’: File exists
[marneo@MN ~]$ eztrader
Command not found.
[marneo@MN ~]$ cd /home/marneo/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ (x86)/EZ\ Trader/Prod\ 3.5/
bash: cd: /home/marneo/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/EZ Trader/Prod 3.5/: No such file or directory
[marneo@MN ~]$ wine Trader.exe
wine: cannot find L"C:\windows\system32\Trader.exe”
[marneo@MN ~]$ [marneo@MN ~]$

MonoDevelop runs fine on windows, macosx, and every distro of linux including fedora, ubuntu, sabayon and others. Even the dotgnu project appears to be making progress in these areas, although it is much less used than mono.

In fact like the Linuxes (and unlike Windows and MacOSX), ReacOS has provided the Software-Installer-Program, which automatically downloads and installs the software in the same sequence, which would make them run propertly, putting it one step above windows at least in this regard, of course.
Reactos maintains that whatever works on windows should work equally well in reactos. However, as per reactos discussion forum, installation of c and c++ (as required by CodeBlocks) are a must before others.
So once these are there, mono and MonoDevelop should work (we don’t need anything else at all).

But if you find that MonoDevelop still fails from running, then do as follows:

So, if you don’t want to take chances first install the gcc, g++, (maybe with Codeblocks and Eclipse) before other installations, although you directly won’t use.
After you have completely installation of these, now you install the complete gui-support (other than msforms and rad) for these above mentioned programming languages.
Then you make sure that gtk2 source code with all gtk-wimp (not the exe – never) the additional gtk2-plugins (such as gtk+ and gtkmm) are copied under the C:\gtk2 (or gtk) directory and include this under the OS environmental variables.
Do this same thing ditto for wx with wxgtk support in C:\Program Files\wx (i suggest that always prefer wxgtk-source-code over wxwindows.exe in reactos unlike windows).
Then once again, do repeat the similar thing for qt in C:\Program Files\Qt4 with gtk2-qt engine and qt-curve support.

Once again, firstly the gtk-wimp engine uses python-runtime libraries and secondly, wxgtk and gtk2-qt are gtk2 dependent. So make sure that even python with pygtk are installed before like others.

And then use either dotgnu with XEmacs / GVim, or mono with MonoDevelop.
After you have installed mono, then install gtk#, wx#, and qt#, before you are finally able to run them.

Since mono installation in windows and reactos is very sensitive to sequence of installation with a 50-50 chance, please follow the sequence in the same order only so that every system-dependency gets fulfiled before dotnet installation itself, otherwise you must reformat and reinstall the os.

The other open-C# option is dotgnu, which you can use with XEmacs / GVim IDEs, and Environmental Variables for locating gtk#, wx# and qt#.

Regarding Haiku: Haiku is an advanced BeOS, which is distinctly different from windows/reactos, macosx and linux. Haiku/BeOS uses bfs format partition for os installation and for software installation, either go for haiku-specific file-format, or the source-code.
Since, Haiku is BeOS redeveloped in gcc, if you want c# for Haiku, then prefer dotgnu from XEmacs / GVim IDEs and Environmental Variable for locating gtk#, wx# and qt#.

install .NET with winetricks (on linux that is)… it handles the installation otherwise it won’t get installed quite right and mono probably won’t work as it isn’t in your wine prefix and probably isn’t supported for that purpose either.