MHTML on Haiku email programs?

I want to try making a minimal MIME HTML (MHTML) format converter based on the Tidy source code. It may have other application in the future. What MHTML variants are supported by the Haiku native email clients?

What do you mean by mime html? the html is just notmal html.

Haikus mail client does not support html.

Ok then. Does StyledEdit use translators? :wink:

only for export, I think. So you can convert styled text to html (doesn’t need StyledEdit, it’s doable from any BTextView). But there is no translator on the other direction and it would be very limited anyway (no images, no complex text layout such as divs and the like, no tables…)

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Sweet! I’ll have to look into this deeper sometime. I’m thinking of making an interactive micro-blogging software using Hugo as a backend. No need for a database that way. :slight_smile: Of course the admin stuff will need another package that seems to need a database though. I’m trying to keep this light enough to run on a RasPi 2b as a server. The email will need to be sent in MHTML but the viewing will be web-based for now.

This is just a spare-time project though. I don’t want to take too much time with it. Maybe as a first step, getting an HTML parser such as Tidy to convert the other way in a translator for the email application.


After looking at the source code to BTextView, I’m beginning to think a child class to be known as BHyperTextVew should be generated for the task of writing HTML formatted emails and others. I’ll have to look into this some other time however.

iirc mail already allows you to view email in the webrowser.
Perhaos adding netsurf based renderinng could be nice though directly (as in with libcss et al)

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I was thinking just having a formatting option to embed another BView in the display and wordwrap according to its height and width. That way, interactive links and pictures can be added directly. The BHyperTextView could even be called recursively to render blockquotes. EMail html shouldn’t call external CSS nor JavaScript nor WebAssembly directly but should link to external web pages for such displays. An internal CSS would be permissible though.


A BDocumentView child class of BTextView looks plausable. The text_run_array field would need to be replaced by formatting_option_run array. Among the things that could be added are text justification, embedded objects (any child class of BView), more style options (eg. strikethrough, link-style buttons) but I’m not sure about making this a full HyperText editor. A subset of that should be sufficient to the task though.