Mesa - latest version - on Haiku x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 bit)

can’t wait to test the new mesa with zink on cpu

Has that bug been filed?

No. The bug is moreso a patch enhancement request due to Mesa 22.3.x upstream changes.

I’ve listed a few of the applications affected by those upstream changes in the mentioned PR .

Anyone not caring about those specific affected applications may use the newer test builds of Mesa.]

Mesa 22.2.5 on Haiku hrev56671 x64


Haiku is getting more appreciation:

A screenshot from kallisti5:

Congratulations to developers. :partying_face:


Kudos to @X512 , mesa, wayland, wine, riscv… did i forget somthing else?, all of that in a short period of time.


Haiku code officially included (and hence supported) by a big project such as mesa sounds way more than appreciation, it is more like seeing haiku under the spotlight (something like scummvm recently supporting KolibriOS).
Kudos to the whole developer team!


Haiku code has been included in Mesa for several years now (thanks to Kallisti5’s work)


I didn’t mean to diminish Kallisti5’s work on mesa, i know the work he had been doing for quite awhile, i just meant to acknowledge the latest additions X512 has done together with the rest of the things i mentioned. (in case your reply was meant to me?)

It was in reply to the above message saying “Haiku code officially included (and hence supported) by a big project”, just pointing out that this is not a first for Mesa. No devaluation meant the efforts by x512 to bring our 3D rendering up to date.


Never meant to say this was the first inclusion in mesa, sorry for my un-clear message.
I know how much effort Kallisti5 and x512 (and maybe others) dedicated to this since years.

Development effort: x512, Kallisti5, (and others)… :wink:

Recent progress build to a recent Mesa 3D Graphics Library on Haiku:

  • libglvnd 1.6.0 (git-179d727) :white_check_mark:

  • Mesa 23.1.0-devel (git-ba537ac25a) :white_check_mark:

    • 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) :white_check_mark:
    • Gallium drivers: zink, swrast :white_check_mark:
    • Vulkan drivers: amd, intel, swrast :white_check_mark:
  • Haiku’s RadeonGfx driver :white_check_mark:

  • Mesa Demos 9.0.0 :white_check_mark:

  • GPU:

    • AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition card :white_check_mark:
    • Intel HD Graphics 4600 :white_check_mark:

This x86/x64 build reflects the new Haiku graphics stack proposed by X512. Progress seems good with the recent Mesa changes upstream.


Its really exist the driver for hardware 3D for Radeon SI on ARM. How its working, what a performance? Please give me some more information. What is the chance of such a driver for x86/64 and what is the problem that there is this driver on Arm and not on x64?

The ARM build does not boot to toe oesktop and has no drivers for now. I think you are confused in some way?

No. Why confused? I readed this information on this forum.

This is farthest progress for ARM32: My Haiku ARM (UEFI) port progress - #270 by davidkaroly. No real hardware yet.

ARM64 is even less progressed, it do not run userland yet: ARM64 Port Status - #222 by davidkaroly.

RISC-V 64 bit run on various virtual machines (TinyEMU, QEmu, RVVM (not upstreamed yet)) and HiFive Unmatched real hardware. Work in progress on MangoPi MQ Pro (currently progress to attempt to mount boot volume).


Ok, I also read that we have early 3D drivers for x86-64 but unpublished. Can anyone tell what stage we have now?

You can try to compile it from here, i didnt get it working yet.

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Mesa 23.1.0-rc1 was released yesterday.

Progress… built up to Mesa 23.2.0 git-c690644842 today on Haiku x64 and now transferring over to the Mesa 23.1.0 release candidate PR builds submitted to HaikuPorts (see: kallisti5).

Any 3D-related driver builds can progress from there…

  • RadeonGfx = amdgpu for Haiku (built)

Mesa 23.1.9 - provided by kallisti5
Mesa 23.2.1 - compiled on R1B4_93 x64 on 10/22/2023
Mesa 23.3.0-rc1 - compiled on R1B4_93 x64 on 10/27/2023


Mesa 24.0.1 - compiled on Haiku R1B4 x32 on 02/16/2024.
Mesa 24.0.1 - compiled on Haiku R1B4 x64 on 02/16/2024.