Merchandise and 20th Anniversary Logo: Feedback, Ideas and Designs Wanted

Possible anniversary design Idea: a shirt with just “20” on it, with the 2 and the 0 made from a collection of Haiku icon’s from around the operating system?


Yeah, they probably were a bit too boastful…

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Haiku has no shortage of interesting icons. It’s easy to find an icon for each taste. I personally like SoundRecorder a lot, and I’m sure it would spark small talk.


An item that associates Haiku with computing would be fine, as an alternative to text.

I meant an icon, of course.

We’re not making an advertising campaign here, we’re making a T-Shirt. It’s meant for:

  • Haiku users who want to show their support, and in case you happen to run accross another Haiku user in the street
  • People who will be running Haiku demos or giving talks at tech conferences, where it’s obvious from the context that Haiku is somehow related with computers

Have a look at the other T-Shirts on freewear. The Python ones don’t say it’s the programming language and not the snake. The bash ones don’t say it’s the shell and not the english verb. The Wine ones don’t say it’s the Windows emulator and not the alcoholic drink (they even have a glass of wine as their logo).

Personally I’ll happily wear a T-Shirt with the Haiku logo, but I will not wear something with text explaining what it is. People reading things off my chest or back is just awkward.


Please, god, no.

Be careful, you need restart Haiku for OS updates. Some linux have real-time kernel patching. Do not make Haiku laughable with statements like this.


I’d definitely purchase a Walter shirt.

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I’d like just the boot screen icons on a black T-shirt. Kind of reminiscent of the Led Zepplin four album.


Sweatshirt (zipped) and polo sounds interesting to me, provided they come in my size :wink:

Maybe some items with just logos or icons, without words.

I’m all for just the logo plus different cool icons merch. This thread, however, is about a special 20 anniversary edition. It has to point to that 20 years in some way, if it’s just adding some wreath like:

Personally, I believe that everything the Promotion Team does should be a form of advertising for Haiku, or fund-raising for Haiku.

Just preaching to the already converted is a waste of their time, in my view.


I would totally buy this design, I proposed a similar one a few years ago:

For the 20th anniversary maybe we could create a timeline with the most significant milestones…


Just add ‘20’ below the icons, no need to clutter the print.

This is way too serious. If anything, the 20 should be in the form of a Haiku icon with the perspective and everything and an appropriate drawn typeface.


Wine Is Not an Emulator !


I like the idea of “icon art” to draw a “20”.

I prefer no text too. Someting more… “supporter” than just “geek”.
Maybe a terminal prompt to show the computer relation?


Read the Haiku FAQ first. No terminal should be required.


I know that perfectly :wink:
Like or dislike, it was just a proposition for making clear that Haiku is a computer thing.


Forum format is not obviously the best way to discuss visual design in any way, but I agree with most observations and think there should be at least 2 distinctly different designs:
#1 purely graphical focused on 20 years
#2 text rich that is including info on Haiku idealy in verse