Memory leak - MediaPlayer

Memory leakage when playing audio files with a MediaPlayer.
All audio formats create a leakage of memory.
Reproduction of video files does not lead to a memory leak .
Checked for 64 bits 57367 Night build.

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Playing a singular file or multiple files on a playlist?

Playing a singular file

I’m not experiencing this, you should add more Infos, what kind of file or even the file that causes this, it could be a bug of ffmpeg instead

Big mp3 file

After 30 minutes of playback


The pause stops the leakage of memory.

Could you please just write the changing numbers instead of having everyone opening huge screenshots, zoom in and find them. Also, this thread will very soon be forgotten. If you want the issue fixed, open a Trac ticket with all necessary info (as text, not screenshots).



See if you can watch the node latency of media player from cortex. Its in the demo apps, it’s probably sample drop buffer growth theres multiple tickets in the tracker alresdy.

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I checked large audio files in other player / QMplay2 and QMMP /.
There are no problems with the memory leak.

I’m actually seeing the same behavior in StreamRadio.


850Mb after ~20min… Looks like a leak in handling audio streams in general (local or remote). Maybe something wrong with MediaKit? I commented on the bug report.


Use cortex to watch the media node latency, it’s probably buffer bloat, it’s a know issue and has been a problem for many years now. Eventually if you don’t have enough memory and cpu power it will begin stuttering. The buffer grows versus dropping samples. The media kit has fundamental design flaws with buffers to begin with


I checked the memory leak on the release of 64 bits 56578+93 - there is no memory leakage!


Moving to r1beta5 since it’s a regression

There is no need to have everything copied back and forth between the forum and the bugtracker. Otherwise we would have just one system instead of two.

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Fixed in hrev57382 !