Memory for BeBox


I am looking for memory to install in my bebox but I am not sure which one can be installed.
I have found this link ( which proposes lots of them.
Can anyone pinpoint me the category I should use?



Hello! The only source for that kind of technical information is the old site:

A bit more info:

72-pin SIMMs - 60ns, non-parity

Thanks for the answer. Fact is in the 72 pins SIMM, they have EDO and FPM.
I know that BeBoxes does not support EDO ram and I have no idea whether or not FPM is supported (Fast Page Mode).

I’m sorry for interruption, but there’s any chance to replace hardware (mb, cpu, ram etc) to smth newest? I’m not talking about migration to x86, but even on ppc the more powerfull than original and still compatible systems must be available or not?

You can run BeOS for PowerPC on some later machines (UMAX Macintosh clones, and some Apple PowerMac series). I don’t think there are any upgrades for the BeBox, however. The products was more or less abandoned by Be, inc early on as they switched to selling the OS for Macintosh clones.

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