MeLE A1000/A2000

As it seemed that I’d never get my mittens on a Raspberry pi I decided to look for alternatives. I stumbled over this little Chinese ARM pc / media center. What is interesting about this little guy is the fact that the A10 + Mali400 platform is quite open , plus the device is completely unbrickable.
Specs wise it’s in another league compered to the PI.
Cpu is a cortex A8 1.0 ghz , overclockable to 1.5 ghz. For the Mali gpu there is already an open source driver effort going on.
512 mb RAM , 306 mb for OS and 206 for GPU.
It has 3 usb ports , one optical out for sound , RCA video out , VGA out , HDMI out. One more usb port unused on the board.
There is an Ethernet port , realteck wifi b/g/n chip , SD/SDHC slot.
And my favorite , a slot for any 2.5 inch SATA hard disk.

The price is quite low , 115 usd with shipping to Romania. For US the shipping might be lower. The device itself is 70 usd.

More info here :

I already got Ubuntu and Debian up and running on it. For the Android fans it ships with 2.3 and there is a 4.0 ROM out there.

My suggestion was to have as small fund raiser to get something like this for the developers that would like to port Haiku to ARM. This seems a more interesting device then the PI.
Would anyone be interested in this ?

More info :

Place where I got mine :

Looks very interesting, especially with SATA support. - opensource driver for Mali GPU family :-).

The state of the linux kernel for this device is as following.
2.6.36 mostly works, except for framebuffer console.

3.0 have most drivers forward-ported and should work pretty well. Camera and HDMI audio fail to build.

3.3 only have core CPU support, basically no drivers at all yet.

Is there any Haiku developer currently working on an ARM port ?

I’ve ordered and now have one of those and I love it. Don’t know if/when I’ll have time to hack on it, but it really is a cool piece of hardware.