Medo always crashes when exporting

I saw that Medo had a recent upgrade, so I tried it again.
For a two minute video, I did a cutting and then tried to export the resulting clip.

The original video has full hd and 30fps, as the desired output.

Tried many ways to export it, either using ffmpeg or BMediaKit, but it always crashes.
Sometimes it seems to crash near the end, sometimes it never starts to create the output video file.

It has so many export options for video and audio, but I couldn’t find one combination that works.

Does anyone knows a combination of video and audio formats that can complete the export successfully?
Handbrake can then convert to the desired format.

When you have a crash, you can report the problem to Haikuports bug tracker or to Medo bug tracker.

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Send me a crash report. The big issue is ffmpeg, its designed for streaming and drops frames when a decode or encode operation takes too long, and naturally aborts when the error isn’t handled after it drops a frame. When reading I retry many times until it succeeds, but I haven’t added the same retry logic in saving. Using the BMediaKit is even more problematic. Its frustrating as API client to have ffmpeg drop frames due to timeouts in streaming abstraction, when a video editor has all the time in the world to encode a frame, and the API shouldnt abort on timeouts.

Send me a crash report and I’ll see about adding a more robust export frame feature.


Thank you @Zenja , I’ll send you the reports.

Still, sometimes the process doesn’t even begin, but a Out of memory windows just pops up.
This system has 16GB of RAM and it’s using 800MB of system resources 3GB with cache.


With these settings:

Wow, these dialogue boxes simply look awful. It would be nice to have some attention to these as well, maybe use layout kit? People would try Medo as a significant Haiku app, and it would simply give a bad name to the general ecosystem. Also Haiku applications use sentence case, not title case for strings.

Good to see work being done on this. Being able to edit video easily in Haiku would be a very useful addition the list of things Haiku can do, and hopefully do well.

Go ahead. I’m sure pull requests are welcome :wink: