Mediaplayer, VLC not playingVCD

I tried to play a VCD via MEDIAPLAYER…DID NOT PLAY…installed VLC
This also not playing VCD. This VCD is OK. Same VLC on linux plays this

Not really interested in seeing this VCD, but I want Mediaplayer, VLC on Haiku to be fuctional, not simply sit idle

Any particular sttings on Haiku for playing VCD? Actually, i did not intendto download VLC
I want the native application Mediaplayer itself to play VCD…this did not happen…hence downloaded VLC
Any suggestions?

Possibly a case of missing libdvdcss library, it has dubious legal status, so quite a few O/S don’t supply it built in, but usually can be added.

libdvdcss, libdvdread both are marked as ‘active’ in haiku depot,…so it is installed

Any further points to be checked?

VCDs don’t use CSS. They are unencrypted MPEG1 files.

In the BeOS days, there was a script required to do some stuff in the background before VLC could play them, from memory. Whatever that was won’t have been baked in to Haiku either.


Possibly this may work

GPL MPEG-1/2 Decoder is a free DirectShow MPEG decoder filter. It can be used to play MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streams in any media player based on DirectShow. In addition, it can be used as DVD decoder for unencrypted discs.

That’s for Windows and implements functionality that both VLC and Media Player already have - the issue is not at the codec level

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Any further suggestions wrt why Mediaplayer, VLC not playing my VCD’s? VCD’s are physically OK…playing on Linux

VLC says “your input cannot be opened”…I have physically dragged it to the optical disc entry on haiku and tried to make it understand where this input is…so far, all my efforts are futile

I am trying to make my Lenovo G50-70 fully functional on Haiku…this appears to be a major obstacle in this pursuit…

I don’t think this will work. VLC is not able to understqand what you are trying to do here, as VLC and Haiku’s tracker is two distinct world and they won’t unite without additional code written.
Try to use VLC’s MEdia → Open disc menu entry, maybe that will work, but no guarantee.

I don’t want to break your heart, but if you really want to use Haiku as a desktop replacement OS, you will still need more knowledge, experience and creativity than using Linux, and much-much more than using win or mac. If you want to go down this way then you will deep dive in the system. If you are unwilling to do this then use a different OS.

What I meant is, in VLC player itself, there is an option for menu entry for VCD…whatever Haiku was showing as the name for VCD, entered it there.

In office now. Haiku laptop at home…I will put a screenshot of what I meant
Maybe, as you said the learning curve might be a bit steeper, but I am willing to learn

It is very likely that you are the first person to attempt to play a VCD in VLC on Haiku, as they were never common outside a few areas of the world, and even in those places, they became obsolete a very long time ago.

As extrowerk said, you probably need to put the device name (that looks like /dev/disk/…) that you can find in DriveSetup, and not the name of the mountpoint where the vcd can be accessed as plain files from Tracker. This is because VLC in this case does not want just the files, but direct access to the complete disc at a lower level.

And even then, itws possible that some “wiring” between VLC and Haiku is still missing in the code and it still won’t work

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