MediaPlayer: play url (stream) from command line?

Hi, I can’t figure out if there is a way to play an url in MediaPlayer using the command line…

With local files is quite easy:
~> MediaPlayer /path/to/mediafile/media.mp4

If I attempt to do the same with a video url, eg:
~> MediaPlayer http://url/to/mediafile/media.mp4

Nothing will happen: I have to open MediaPlayer, click on “Open network stream” and manually insert the URL in “Stream URL”, but I’d wish to achieve this from the command line (and so using a shell script).

Any hints?

Huh. I didn’t even know MediaPlayer had gained that feature! I’m still mostly using a system from a while back. But when I booted into my latest one (Sept last year) I see that menu item. However I couldn’t get it to work. I tried an audio stream (RadioParadise) that SoundPlay handles fine, but with MediaPlayer – though I saw the modem light blinking away, no sound emerged. (It plays files fine.)

Do you mean that are you using another system to play web stream (audio and video) on Haiku? A shell script?

However I found this discussion: Media players with Hey control?
And I can see that at least is possible do basic things (play, stop and few more) using Hey.
But still I don’t see a way to feed an url to MediaPlayer using the command line.

Oh, no… I just meant that my normal Haiku system is a couple of years old [“If it ain’t broke…”] The MediaPlayer there doesn’t have that feature. I think VLC was able to play video streams, but I don’t really remember. I’m afraid that I go to Ubuntu and Firefox to watch streams.

Yes, VLC 0.8.6i can do this.
I think one of the “play” commands can be used too (playfile? playsound? I don’t remember which one).
It should not be too hard to add it in Media Player too…

If i feed a video url to VLC using the terminal, it said main playlist: nothing to play
however this old version of VLC is also unable to play local video files…