Media server

I know this is not the right place to ask for THIS, but i’m still using DANO as my main OS, and now my media server for some reason doesn’t work anymore. that’s a bit of a problem, cause this is the main reason i used the sys for… i just wanted to ask iff I could use the Haiku media server with DANO, and iff I can, where do I get it from?
Im using BeOS for 5 years now, but I really don’t have much idea how to solve problems with it, cause usually there are none :wink:
You’d really help me with an functioning webserver!

I don’t think Haiku Media Server works on Dano right now.

I do know that you can use from Haiku:

These have to be compiled for dano specifically to work with it. (ie: you build them; I also have a copy of them).

Did you change sound cards? What is your sound card? Do you also know the Vendor & Device IDs?

I also have some newer sound card drivers for Dano. (compiled from Haiku source).

If sound card still the same - try to reinstall:
media server
sound card driver (also check for symbolic links to driver in:


mix, mux, & raw.