Media player Haiku does not play video, only sound plays

!!! UPDATE - FIXED in hrev57645+

Media player Haiku does not play video, only sound plays.
hrev57633 64 bit

It is very bad that all the files VP9 of YouTube cannot be played in Haiku MediaPlayer.


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ffplay work fine

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Could just be a glitch in how the video is encoded, I wonder if it’ll play in VLC? Usually this is what solves it on my Mac and iPad

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VLC and QMPlay2 work fine.

Maybe the same problem I have with my mp4 files. Ticket #18797.


Anyway, you know how it works; you should open a ticket.


Yes, it is this #18797 ticket!
Problem is a complex one, with ffmpeg Versions!

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On the release of beta4, media player plays normally these videos.
Why is playing broken on night builds ??


Some of the developers deleted unused / outdated / formats? And now Google VP9 from YouTube in the media player is not played …

hrev57244 - VP9 work fine !

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Because, as you were told before. The nightlies are UNSTABLE and allowed to be broken. In this case it is the transition to a newer ffmpeg vetrsion for beta5 that will cause such issues.

If you want a stable experience use the beta4, otherwise you are free to report bugs of course. But don’t be suprised when stuff breaks on the nightly.



There has been many changes to ffmpeg since then. Mainly bugfixes and removing of deprecated methods after the switch to ffmpeg6. Since it works in command line I don’t think it comes from there.
Perhaps MediaPlayer is not using ffmpeg if you have another codec installed, that takes VP9 in charge. hvrev 57244 is from August 23rd last year, libvpx was updated in January, it could come from that. Anyway, if you can find a more recent hrev that works, it would help.

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