Mayebe Haiku?

Hello All,

I have been trawling the net to try and find an OS that will be adequate for my needs. I am a programmer and web developer and these days my working day is spent creating code for mobile devices. On my PCs I use

a. WAMP - Apache, MySQL, PHP stack
b. Paint.NET - to mess about with icons, pngs etc
c. Notepad++ to edit my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL
d. Fiddler2 to monitor web traffic
e. Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari to test out my code

I have tried playing with various Linux Distros (Ubuntu, Mint etc) on my computer - a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook NH570 - but found that they are overly complicated. All I am looking for is a single user OS that allows me to use the above, or their equivalents, and is hassle free. And above all else I need to be able to use the screen resolution of my computer at its best as well as have reliable connections to my WiFi network - Linux has failed on one or more counts.

I suppose I could download Haiku install it etc. However, I thought I am better off posting a question here first to see if this is feasible and also to establish if the user community here is reactive and supportive enough so I am not fighting a one man battle.

I’d much appreciate any help and advice.