Maybe good and cheap board for haiku?

I found very cheap mainboard with integrated dual core low powered AMD and R2 radeon and i think is good for itx build setup, what do you think? This Radeon was supported , or not? i know is doesnt not have much power and there are more expensive setup like Athlon 200GE and itx board but this is very cheap.

update: Gigabyte E6010N
google find this

maybe you can read this thread…

seem the performance is not good

hi good people, i have this board now at home, as computer hobyist i have experience and must say its not fast board, but cpu cooler is not very hot this is good, windows 10 works ok, and haiku yes haiku support graphics radeon r2, sound card work, i dont try net connection for now. good and bad is that baord have old PCI slot not PCI express i have pci express wifi atheros card :frowning:

i think 36eur in my country for this board is good price and is something like ex - AM1 socket.screenshot1

and its conected via hdmi port


Seems like the price is great and it might be perfect for using old hardware (as it has PCI and serial ports). I have an AMD C50 based netbook that I still use, which is a several generations older APU, and it works fine for sofa surfing (in Linux) and car diagnostics (in windows). Plus this demonstrates that haiku does not need the latest CPU to perform well.