(maybe) a dumb question about Qupzilla

Hello. I’m not sure if anyone experienced this, but Qupzilla appears to works very fast just after a Haiku update. However, as days passes, I feel the browser is get more slow.

I tried disabling and cleaning the browser cache, but not appears to be the cause.

It can be, or I’m getting mad ? :slight_smile:
Thank you!!

What happens if you uninstall it completely and then re-install?

The browser cache is supposed to make things faster. Have you also tried deleting cookies? They were known to slow down WebPositive back when it used the curl network backend, it’s possible that Qupzilla has a similar problem.

due some actuall latency tests, then report back.

I enabled the option “Delete cookies on close” and apparently, QupZilla works ligther and faster.

Thank you for your answers!