MAUI alpha release

A while ago I posted on the forum about a project called MAUI , an OS inspired by Haiku/BeOs but built with Qt5 and Wayland on top of Linux. The finally launched their first Alpha build and you can grab it here :

Is based on Arch Linux, and honestly i don’t see anything related to Haiku neither BeOS (i’ve tried live cd)
I still prefer original Haiku :wink:

Not dishing the idea as it seems like a stable API ABI on a Linux is a good idea, but I did not see anything to tell me what Haiku/BeOS features it has.

Do all files have attributes?

Is the default file-system journal-ed?

Do apps publish their signatures and types of file handle?

Again, Haiku/BeOS features does it have?

Pier Luigi Fiorini, who has been a contributor to Haiku is behind it. He’s had a couple of other desktop projects, including Blue Eyed OS which was supposed to recreate BeOS but on the Linux kernel and Mockup. Neither of them really got anywhere, but hopefully he has better luck with this one.

Bloody hell, there’s no 32 bit version?! What do they think I have, a sodding Alpha or something?! This is going to be a real hinderance for my Atari ST, I’ll tell you.

It is also a fatal hinderance for my vastly-inferior Atom-based system. And just when I needed a new Linux or BSD install to replaced my newly-hosed one, too…

ears droop

I do remember BlueEyedOS back in the day though. I was hoping that would make more and faster progress than OpenBeOS due to its existing kernel infrastructure, and perhaps bring some GTK/QT out-of-the-box app compatibility. But at least after all this time we now have a system that doesn’t actually hose itself repeatedly.
glares at his trashed Linux partition, that is now mountable only in Haiku

To think BlueEyedOS was over 10 years ago already… oh bugger. Being a grey-muzzle sucks.

Still that may be so, but looking at the home page I see nothing listing the features that I like in BeOS/Haiku.