Matlab for haiku

Hi, I need to use matlab for haiku or something like that.I read that programs for Beos run for Haiku,then I think that must to exist some like matlab for Haiku.

Yes, Octave is the opensource alternative to matlab.
I think it used to work on haiku/beos , but I dont know anymore.

scilab might also work… you might want an x server for haiku though if you want a user interface.

There is QTOctave … you might get that to work but you would have to build it from source.

For what kind of calculations would you need matlab (or other math software) ?
I ask because i just ported GiNaC, and I plan (but not very soon) to build a little math software build on top of GiNaC.
What kind of functionality would be more important for you?

You can download ginac from here:

it’s in fact not a CAS, it’s a library, but it contains also a binary called “ginsh”,
which you can use for doing some symbolic and nummeric calculations

I would like to signal another software for numerical computing that I have discovered recently: FreeMAT is an open source software with good compatibility to MATLAB.
It can be freely downloaded from here:

It is currently available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
I do not know how much it will be hard to port on Haiku…

I took a look at the screenshots. Somehow it looks bad the UI.
At the moment I guess the best method of doing math on the computer is using wolfram mathematica. And also with “wolfram alpha” you can already do a lot. Somehow i think it’s even not worth trying to port a math application to haiku, since for me at least, all seem to be pretty bad, except mathematica.

Hmm, maybe this help: :wink:

I’ve made a crude port of gnuplot 4.4.3 under Haiku. Gnuplot is a standard tool for math/physics plots (just ask scientists). But I’m sure, you’re not only looking for a plotter but more for a CAS or mathematical engine that can perform complex arithmetics for you. My answer would be Octave… definitively. The problem is that, what you would be able to download today, is an old port (release 2.0.17) of this soft I made for BeOS 5 Pro, back in 2002. I would be surprised that this runs always under Haiku?
I wanted to test a new port of Octave. We need a fortran compiler. I try to port f2c, like I did in the past for the previous version. Doesn’t work that fine… So, if we get a complete port of gcc, able to compile fortran code, then we will get Octave very easily.

I do also many of my calculations on Mathematica. Yes, it is a nice soft, but for my point of view, what we should get for Haiku, for freeing our calculations, is a nice port of Octave. A GUI above would be the cherry on top of the cake…