Lets try this one more time. A few people missed the purpose of my post last time. Like I said before I saw people talk about masots and I was wondering what people would like if we were to have a mascot. (I don’t care whether or not you want one, just what you would think would be a good idea for a mascot. Please no discussion about whether having one would be a good idea or not.)

I mentioned a panda last time, but someone mentioned that they didn’t live in japan, still panda’s are a big thing in Japan and I think fits well with the name. Someone else mentioned a humming bird, which fits well in with the os being light and fast. Anybody else have any good ideas?

Sorry to say that around half the peope in that thread, as well as all the developers who answered in it said there was not going to be a mascot. Hence this topic is dead, pointless.

yea, let’s not do this again…