Marketing Haiku


Good day,

These days we are witnessing an important moment in Haiku’s life, the release of R1Beta1.

Before the release, I came up with something that did not have enough time to finish prior to the release:

Actually, the idea was talking to the devs, and release the teaser prior to the beta, but… timing… Anyway.

Now I saw that R1Beta2 is due for October 1st 2019. I think, my personal opinion, that matching Haiku releases with the arrival of autumn is a good marketing approach. Leaves coming down to earth, so does Haiku. This on the northern hemisphere. It also makes sense on the southern hemisphere, as when autumn starts on the northern, spring comes on the southern, leaves start to grow on the southern, which also leads to good teaser approaches (I’ve already thought of some too).

I don’t pretend to do any evangelism, I stopped doing that long ago (live and let live), but promoting Haiku outside is also important in order to reach a broader audience. Yes, stability first, I know… But we all, devs and the comunity, are getting there.

I wish I could have done the teaser on Haiku and add “made with Haiku” at the bottom, but I guess I’ll have to wait and work harder on the tasks I set on my task list.

Hope I can finish the next idea before the next event. :wink:



Your WIP teaser video is looking good.
It’s kinda ironic that after being late for 6 years, Haiku Beta1 release killed your teaser schedule anyway :slight_smile:

Your effort is a good marketing material anyway, thanks, keep contribute.


Really liking this! Definitely get the word about Haiku out! :smiley:


Starting with the name haiku without the leaves and 3 of the falling leaves stop into the name, I think it would be even better.


Good day @phoudoin,

That is funny, you are so polite :wink:
It’s not a WIP. I already released that on Sept, 29th on youtube, and twitter. I read that the release was going to be delayed a couple of days, so I started with it, but then on Sept 28th R1Beta1 was released, therefore, no time to wait. Anyway, I don’t have so many followers and presume all the views are from people from this comunity… :smile:

Next one will be better, hopefully.

The idea was just to pull out some small marketing ideas to “Promote” Haiku, not to evangelize. Let others to know that there is another OS option out there, and let people chose, and the “Motto” needs more thinking, but I just have fun “playing around” with Haiku, as back in the 90’s with all the OSes available at that time (Amiga, OS2, Win, BeOS, Mac, Solaris, Slackware, HP/UX…).

Yep @janus2, that was also an idea, but not enough time to implement it “on time” :tired_face: