Markdown editor

I’m looking for a development project and thought I would build something like Byword or iA Writer (OS X apps) but for Haiku. I don’t mean copies of either application, but written in the same spirit as the two of them (lean, markdown based with a easy gui with few options.

What do you guys think? Any interest in this?

I have not used those two applications but I just looked them up very quickly and I think such a project for Haiku would be great! Their spirit of minimalism and minimal options fits just as well on Haiku as on Mac OS X.

Again without knowing their full feature set I imagine much of Haiku’s existing BTextView could be used for such a project.

Also if you could make a fairly generic Markdown processing library for Haiku, that could be generally useful as well (whether it is open source or not.)

Though at the end of the day the most important thing is whether you would enjoy working on this or not. The reality is there are many applications Haiku could make use of, but if you are starting off developing for Haiku for the first time, something simpler like this is probably better for you.

Any decent applications are welcome by Haiku’s developers and community.

Ryan Leavengood - Haiku Developer

I’m planning to move my blog over to Jekyll soon, so I would love to see a Markdown editor on Haiku! I don’t use OSX, so I can’t speak about the editors you mentioned, but ‘easy gui with few options’ sounds perfect :slight_smile:

Go for it, and keep us updated on your progress!