Mapping ThinkPad volume buttons to control volume

On my ThinkPad X220, I’ve been able to use two out of the four volume control buttons in Haiku without issue: the mute speaker and mute mic buttons. However, the Volume Up/Down buttons don’t seem to function, and I can’t seem to find a method of mapping them to any functions.

The Keyboard and Media preference panels don’t make anything obvious to fix. Is there somewhere I can map these two buttons so I can have volume adjustment control?

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The Shortcuts preferences program would be my first stop, but I don’t think it can deal with media keys.

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If keys are mapped (you should see something when you press them in a terminal window), you can create shortcuts using setvolume command. See here.

No, there is currently no way to use these keys in Haiku.

Just out of curiosity, how hard would it be to implement that, could it be a gsoc project or some fundraising? I am not approgrammer, i cannot estimate the effort.

Not hard, just time consuming. Mainly in the parts of discussing how to do this properly. There is already progress towards this in the sourcetree and gerrit.

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That is great news